Mission statement

This is the first entry on the Zythophile blog, and thus the place to explain what this blog is meant to be

The idea is to present one beer drinker’s life of beer with a few side trips, diversions and so on along the way. A zythophile is a lover of beer, a word formed from zythos (pronounced ZEE-thos, with the th sound as in thus), an old Greek word for beer, and philos, the old Greek word for loving or fond of. Zythophilia is thus the love of beer (you won’t find the word in any dictionary yet, but it would be the final entry in most), and zythography is writing about beer. I trust this blog will appeals to fellow zythophiliacs and zythographers. Themes that will crop up, I hope, should include beer history, beer styles, beer with food, pubs, tastings and beer in the news. Friendly and constructive comments are welcome. Unfriendly ones will be tolerated.

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    1. I’m wondering do you or any of your comrades have a picture of a brewery in Bondway (formerly Bond Street), 69-71 Bondway, Vauxhall, London sw8 1sq????? We’ve looked everywhere but no luck; we reckon there must be one somewhere as it’s by architect Henry Stopes (of Marie Stopes fame) who had quite a repute in his time for the beer brewing business..

  1. Hi Martyn,

    I’m a beer blogger from Ukraine. I’ve been writing about beer for a few years now, but about a year ago I decided to improve my theory on beer and the history of beer. Amber, Gold and Black is the best book I’ve read (and trust me I’ve ordered almost every book that has beer in it’s title from Amazon). The amount of information is huge, it is well researched and I see it as the current ABC of my beer knowledge. Also despite the Czech-German lager traditions in my country, I’m an ale fan, so reading about my favourite types of beer was a real pleasure for me.

    Thank you for your huge work and now I plan to read this whole blog right from the beginning)


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