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  1. Just read your article with interest – I have a bottle of the Whitbread Celebration Ale and was firstly wondering, as I only have the luxury of one bottle (!) when you think it would be best to open it?

    Also, if it was worth a decent amount of money I would potentially consider selling it instead of drinking it – any ideas of how much it may be worth and where would be the best place to get the best price?

    Many thanks in advance.

    1. It’s worth drinking now, Tony … you do see bottles for sale on eBay occasionally, but they don’t go for much more han £10 or so, in my experience. I’d say get a couple of mates round and open it (watch the wax seal, though – it goes everywhere …)

  2. I have 1 bottle left out of 6 of Whitbread Celebration Ale and I can’t bring myself to drink the last as it’s completely awful, a cross between marmite, molasses and soap. At 19 years old I’m guessing it’s as good now as it’s ever going to be but unless your a real die hard rare ale nut I would give it a miss.

  3. Five bottles of the Whitbread Celebration Ale up for grabs. Will consider offers in the region of £35 per bottle. Will sell individually or all 5. Shipping cost to be agreed or collection available.

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