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  1. Just read your article with interest – I have a bottle of the Whitbread Celebration Ale and was firstly wondering, as I only have the luxury of one bottle (!) when you think it would be best to open it?

    Also, if it was worth a decent amount of money I would potentially consider selling it instead of drinking it – any ideas of how much it may be worth and where would be the best place to get the best price?

    Many thanks in advance.

    • It’s worth drinking now, Tony … you do see bottles for sale on eBay occasionally, but they don’t go for much more han £10 or so, in my experience. I’d say get a couple of mates round and open it (watch the wax seal, though – it goes everywhere …)

  2. I have 1 bottle left out of 6 of Whitbread Celebration Ale and I can’t bring myself to drink the last as it’s completely awful, a cross between marmite, molasses and soap. At 19 years old I’m guessing it’s as good now as it’s ever going to be but unless your a real die hard rare ale nut I would give it a miss.

  3. Five bottles of the Whitbread Celebration Ale up for grabs. Will consider offers in the region of £35 per bottle. Will sell individually or all 5. Shipping cost to be agreed or collection available.

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