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Greece gets zythophilia

Not so long ago, almost the only beerily worthwhile angle to holidaying in Greece was the excellent range of beer shampoos available in most Greek corner grocery shops. Now the country, despite its economic problems, seems to be in the midst of a microbrewery naissance: on holiday in Stoupa, a lovely village halfway down the Mani peninsula, the middle “finger” of the southern Peloponnese, with the hot, sunny, sandy beaches and warm waters of the Gulf of Messinia on one side and tall, cloud-tipped limestone mountains on the other, I was able to try beers from four different Greek craft breweries I’d never drunk before.

The most welcome was Neda, a solid German-style pale lager from the Messinian Brewery, founded in March 2009 and based some six miles outside Kalamata, the main town in Messinia (the name given to the south-west corner of the Peloponnese). Neda lager, the brewery’s only product, is named after the river that forms part of the border between Messinia and the neighbouring prefecture of Ilia (and the only river in Greece with a female name, apparently).

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How to find decent beer in Greece

Olympic – which really ought to be renamed Icarus Airlines, since as a company it looks very likely to follow soon the trajectory of the doomed early Greek aeronaut – is manned by incompetent twazzocks. They reschedule flights which then arrive so late they take off at the originally scheduled time anyway. They cancel flights completely, repeatedly. But sometimes airline twazzockness works to benefit the beery traveller. When my connecting flight from Athens to Lesvos to join Mrs and Miss Zythophile on their extended break from English August rain was cancelled, it made a trip to the Craft microbrewery and bar considerably easier.

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